Friday, April 24, 2020

About me

Several years ago I read about someone driving a bus that was burning used cooking oil for fuel. The article didn't say anything about how to do it, but it mentioned a book called From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank. I purchased the book after searching the web and finding nothing. I had several years experience working as a mechanic for the National Guard and I had a hard time believing what I was reading.

I already owned an old Chevy truck with a 6.2 engine and dual tanks. Converting the truck was fairly easy, but there wasn't much information on collecting and filtering all of the wvo. I drove the truck for about a year and burned a couple hundred gallons of grease. The truck was rusting apart and the front end needed all new rod ends. I parted it out and forgot about burning grease.

Years later I stumbled across a yahoo group that was putting VW diesel into Samurais and sidekicks. Someone posted a link to the biodiesel infopop site and the rest is history. The systems were now very different. They were using flat plate heat exchangers, two valves, two filters etc. I built my Geo Tracker in 2005. Since then I have converted 3 MB's 1 Chevy P/U and 1 Ford P/U.

I never even thought about buying a conversion kit. I like building things myself and much as I hate to pay to have things done for me. I read a lot of
and other's posts. The home-brew parts that guys were building looked like it would work just as good as store bought. I started shopping for the raw materials to make the parts I wanted to install. I had to buy most of it in bulk. I was stuck with much more than I needed, so I sold a few parts here and there on the forums and Ebay.

This is a hobby that I enjoy. I want a place to share what I have learned and offer affordable parts. I will post how-to's for all the parts and sell parts to people who would rather buy than build. Just contact me by email. If you feel more comfortable you can go through Ebay.
Here's a few good forums:
There are more, but if you are new this should get you started.


  1. Hi, Trying to email you but it won't go through. I'd like to buy a filter heater.


  2. nj_m715(at) or .com both work